Swen Hutter

Swen Hutter is Lichtenberg-Professor in Political Sociology at Freie Universität Berlin and Vice Director of the Center for Civil Society Research, a joint initiative of Freie Universität and the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. At OPTED he is part of WP4. Swen Hutter is interested in the changing dynamics and structuration of political conflict in contemporary European democracies. In particular, he is interested in how social movements and political parties interact in articulating and mobilizing new societal divides. Amongst others, Swen Hutter is principal investigator of the new Observatory for Political Conflict and Democracy in Europe (PolDem), which produces and houses data on protest events, election campaigns, and issue-specific public contestation (https://poldem.eui.eu/).

political conflict I civil society I protest politics I party competition

Email: swen.hutter@wzb.eu

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