Work Packages

The EU-funded OPTED project lays the foundation for a European research infrastructure that supports political text analysis. It does so in terms of conceptual design work. The related coordination and research is organized in 10 work packages. Each work package designs one building block for the infrastructure to be.

During the 3-year period of the design phase (2020-2023), the work packages address aspects like development and application of instruments and techniques, the standardisation of quality estimation, scientific community building, and the legal and ethical frameworks.




Work Package 1

Management, coordination and innovation

WP1 guarantees smooth communication and cooperation between all consortium partners, and ensures the timely completion of milestones, deliverables and project objectives. [learn more]

Work Package 2

Citizen produced political texts

WP2 deals with political content produced by citizens or what we here call Citizen Produced Political Text (CPPT). [learn more]


Work Package 3

Journalistic, mass mediated political texts

WP3 provides an inventory of what types or journalistic political text data are available, what types of data can be collected through what kinds of instruments, and provides a conceptual description of contexts in which such data are produced. [learn more]

Work Package 4

Text by political organizations

WP4 focuses on texts from political organizations, such as  those from political parties and interest groups. [learn more]


Work Package 5

Parliamentary, government and legal texts

WP5 on “Parliamentary, government and legal texts” covers parliaments, a key venue in which the current challenges for European democracy are debated and policy is decided. [learn more]


Work Package 6

Multilingual text analysis and validation standards

WP6 will develop a research infrastructure for computational multilingual text analysis by bringing together in one place existing cutting edge knowledge in the field and guidelines for validation. [learn more]                        

Work Package 7

Pre-processing, storage and data sharing

WP7 establishes routines and protocols for varieties of standardizations of pre-processing, pending on source and purpose of usage of text. [learn more]   


Work Package 8

Data harmonization and linkage

WP8 focuses on comparing existing publicly available political text sources theoretically and modelling their compatibility through practical tools and data linkages. [learn more]



Work Package 9

Inventory of tools, training and dissemination

WP9 aims to address how the infrastructure can meet the increasing demand for text analysis tools and training resources among the social science community interested in using political texts. [learn more]                                                                                      

Work Package 10

Legal and ethical framework

WP10 develops strategies on how to ensure research practices that are in compliance with ethical and legal norms, by addressing the ethical and legal aspects in different European countries. [learn more]