Work Package 4 - Text by political organizations

WP4 deals with texts from political organizations such as political parties and interest groups. Research on these texts has a long-standing tradition, but circumstances are changing. There has been a significant increase in the diversity and in particular accessibility of texts.

The main goal of WP4 is to create a systematic overview of the broad range of texts by political organizations (e.g., manifestos, press releases, newsletters, tweets) and to raise awareness about existing research opportunities. To achieve this, several objectives have been adopted.

First, WP4 aims to create clarity about the nature and role of texts produced by political organizations. Accordingly, a framework to categorize texts by political parties and interest groups will be developed. Such an approach aims to prevent one  from being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of text that exists. In addition, a clear account of the nature and purpose of the various text types will foster analytical research.

Second, WP4 will provide an inventory of existing data sets and sources of texts. These text collections will be evaluated in regard to their accessibility and usability. Following from this, best practices for publishing corpora with texts from political organizations will be identified and defined.

Third, WP4 will explore ways in which to analyse these different text types in a comparative manner. Our aim is to identify possible challenges and provide solutions by developing suitable tools for analysis. Based on that, a case study will analyse how political organizations use different types of texts for their communication.

Finally, strategies will be developed to link findings from WP4 to other work packages. This will mainly be done in cooperation with WP8, as well as with the packages working on texts from citizens (WP2), journalists (WP3) and parliaments (WP5). Furthermore, challenges arising from the multilinguality of texts will be tackled together with WP6.

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