Work Package 1 - Management

WP1 takes the central coordinating role of the OPTED project. It is responsible for managing and monitoring the consortium activities and assures that high quality work is being conducted and completed in a timely manner. Given the complexity of activities in the OPTED infrastructure conceptual design phase, it is highly important to have a strong and central coordination and management structure. WP1 ensures appropriate communication between the different structures of the consortium and between the WPs.

In addition to central coordination and management, WP1 takes the role of innovation management. As realities of how political texts are produced and disseminated are subject to constant change and dynamics, it is important that the consortium has a structure in place to identify such dynamics and assess their consequences for the OPTED work. Also, innovation management assesses the potential of a field that may need to be tackled in the operational phase of OPTED and how to implement innovation management within the infrastructure.

Finally, WP1 is responsible for drafting and finalizing the Conceptual Design Report. Concrete WP1 objectives are: 1.1. Manage the consortium’s activities, monitor its performance, and ensure all deadlines are kept. 1.2. Ensure internal project communication and coordination and its implementation, organize meetings 1.3. Coordinate and/ or monitor external communication, dissemination and exploitation activities 1.4. Deliver a quality assurance plan, ensure that the deliverables are of high quality 1.5. Ensure compliance with reporting requirements and prepare final auditing 1.6. Develop and implement an innovation management strategy. Assemble information from all WPs feeding into the Conceptual Design for the OPTED infrastructure.

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