Work Package 6 - Multilingual text analysis and validation standards

WP6 has 3 subsequent objectives.

In a first descriptive step, the work package will put together a knowledge base of data sources, tools, approaches and validations that exist within the various disciplines, academic journals and software repositories that deal with multilingual text analysis. This dynamic knowledge base enables researchers working in the field of political text analysis to draw upon the fast-growing stock of experiences and capacities offered by existing research in multiple disciplines.

Secondly, WP6 seeks to define transparent standards and benchmarks for validation of multilingual text-based analysis (including the provision of reference data sets and key resources dedicated to this purpose). As such, WP6 seeks to offer clear guidelines and best-practices for practitioners on how to validate their methods and results.

In a third, analytic step, WP6 will look to the future and develop an agenda for the systematic comparative validation of multilingual text analysis. With developments occurring at a rapid pace in multiple disciplines across academia and in industry, WP6 will identify key issues, evaluate present capabilities, and provide resources necessary for developing and validating the next generation of computational approaches to multilingual political text analysis.

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