Work Package 2 - Citizen produced political texts

WP2 focuses on political content produced by citizens, also called Citizen Produced Political Text (CPPT). The broad range in political text produced by citizens and how this concept has been studied in the research literature is highly diverse, and the main goal of WP2 is to create a publicly available inventory of CPPT data, tools, and methodology. To achieve this, several objectives have been adopted.

First, WP2 aims to create a defintion of what is meant by Citizen Produced Political Text (CPPT) and how this concept is manifest in existing research literature. By developing a working definition of the term, we can decide what to include and exclude from this broad concept, and thus provide a foundation for further analytical research. WP2 will conduct a systematic literature review of theoretical contextualization of  CPPT. By applying a systematic, multilanguage and multipurpose literature review, the objective is to identify how CPPT is theorized and conceptualized, to map out how political texts produced by citizens are defined and to identify how data is collected, managed and analysed. 

Second, WP2 will outline a conceptual framework of core challenges in CPPT research. Here, we will identify challenges and restrictions related to collecting, analysing, and archiving data, both on a national and international level, as well as challenges related to language, technology and platforms.

Third and lastly, WP2 will outline strategies for applicable solutions for the challenges identified in the project, particular in relation to how data is collected, managed and analysed. Some of the solutions that WP2 will propose is to standardize the methodological description of data collection.

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