Work Package 10 - Legal and ethical framework

The main aim of WP10 is to collect and provide information for the legal and ethical issues regarding text analysis research. It provides a firm ethical and legal framework for all types of text analysis that OPTED involves. The work of WP10, in close coordination with WP1 and under cooperation of all WP leaders ensures that all operations of OPTED are in line with national and international research ethical and legal frameworks and obligations. Concretely, WP10 drafts and implements a Data Management Plan; having the full right to access all information and monitor all activities in WP1 through WP9; and all WPs seek ethical and legal advice when necessary from WP10.

WP10 monitors the research activities during the conceptual design phase to ensure that the work carried out within the project is in compliance with legal, ethical and social requirements with special attention to the particular issues and challenges brought about in text-as-data applications. This includes inter alia the clarification of data flows within the consortium, the adoption of various legal, ethical and security protocols, the development of various forms and continuous legal and ethical advice on the usage of texts from various domains. Insights from the conceptual design phase will inform legal and ethical issues in the conceptual design report.

Also, to assess the solutions from various points of view WP10 will consider the inherent trade-off between research and the protection of individual rights and privacy concerns. It identifies the risks and impacts, likely to affect relevant societal concerns (relating inter alia to the right to the protection of personal data, right to privacy, ethics and societal acceptance – ELSA considerations), assesses them and ensures that the potentially negative effects will be adequately treated before their occurrence.

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