Teaching Materials and Resources for METEOR

Meteor is not only an inventory of news sources but can also serve as a tool for teaching courses at universities. We successfully conducted a master level seminar where students learned about comparative research, as well as the theoretical foundations of media systems. The course consisted of two parts. The first part discussed selected readings about comparative research and (hybrid) media systems. The second part put these theoretical considerations into practice by systematically comparing countries based on the landscape of available news sources. For that purpose, groups of students chose two media systems in Europe and defined the subsection of news media that they were interested in (e.g., traditional print press). Meteor allowed the students to compare the two systems based on their sample of news sources.

The materials for this course are made available here and include

  • Course syllabus with recommended readings 
  • Slides introducing the OPTED project
  • Slides explaining the usage of the Meteor website