OPTED at the Digital Democracy Workshop at the University of Zurich


Bianca-Ioana Marcu & Hripsime Asatryan present work on the ethical and legal challenges of political text analysis.

The team of work package 10 (Legal and Ethical Framework) was invited to share their insights at the Digital Democracy Workshop, organized by the University of Zurich.

In their presentation 'Ethical Data Use in Political Text Analysis: A Way Forward for Digital Democracy?' the role of political text analysis in digital democracies was discussed with a focus on the ethical and legal challenges of the new tools and technologies used in this context.

The event provided an opportunity to start a conversation within the field about the development of a more unified legal and ethical framework for political text analysis and to highlight the OPTED project’s contribution to these aims.

The presentation took place on Friday 29th Oct. For more information about the event and programme please click here.

The Event was organized by the Digital Democracy Lab.