OPTED at the 4th ANNUAL COMPTEXT Conference 2022


Researchers of OPTED presented three papers at the 4th ANNUAL COMPTEXT Conference in Dublin, 6-7th May 2022.

The 4th ANNUAL COMPTEXT Conference was held in Dublin this year, on  6–7 May 2022. COMPTEXT is an international community of quantitative text analysis scholars in political science, international relations and beyond. Researchers from OPTED presented their work in three different panels.

Alona Dolinsky and Martijn Schoonvelde of WP6 participated in Panel 1A Classification and Explanation with the paper Multilingualism in Computational Text Analysis Methods—Evidence From A Pre-Registered Survey Experiment (co-authored by Mariken van der Velden; Fabienne Lind; Christian Baden; Christian Pipal; Guy Shababo).

Shota Gelovani of WP9 presented the paper ‘Methodologic and Theoretical Approaches to Studying Citizen-Produced Political Text’ (co-authored by Karolina Koc-Michalska; Yannis Theocharis; Bente Kalsnes; Amanda Haraldsson) in Panel 1B Social Media and Rhetoric.

Mariken van der Velden of WP6 presented in Saturday’s Panel 6D on Gender, Conflict, and Attitudes their paper ‘Is Mathilda playing it safe? Gender in Computational Social Sciences’ (co-authored by Alona Dolinsky, Fabienne Lind).

The Annual Conferences of the COMPTEXT project adhere to the principles of interdisciplinarity, equality, global outlook and diversity.