OPTED at ICA 71st Annual Conference


Members of the OPTED researcher team were presenting their newest research at the International Communication Association’s 71st Annual Conference (May 27-31).

The OPTED project team was represented at the International Communication Association's 71st Annual Conference.

Christian Baden, Christian Pipal, Martijn Schoonvelde and Mariken A.C.G. van der Velden presented “Three gaps in computational methods for social sciences: A research agenda.” The paper was awarded a top paper award and was described by the reviewing committee as “A great overview and motivating piece on the gap in computational methods.  Overall, it was very compelling, timely, and insightful and goes beyond a single case study to offer a broad perspective on the field and its shortcomings. Great article to kickstart or continue the discussion about the field and our research agenda.”

The second paper “Towards an inventory of journalistic mass-mediated political texts: Conceptual overview of text data.” was presented by Paul Balluff (co-autors Fabienne Lind, Hajo Boomgaarden, and Annie Waldherr). All four researchers work at the University of Vienna. In the OPTED project, with the scientific team of Work Package 3 - Journalistic, mass mediated political texts, they aim to show novel ways and methods to retrieve journalistic political texts while building an inventory of news sources.

The OPTED project seeks to provide a ground-breaking infrastructure for political text analysis in Europe. During the design phase of the building blocks of this comprehensive infrastructure, it is a great pleasure that the different project institutions can share their research and receive not only feedback but also international recognition. To follow our latest projects reports, journal publications or other conference presentations please visit here.